Image by Sue Zeng

Brook S, Carer to NDIS Participant

Worth her weight in gold.


Very experienced and compassionate.

Assisting the Elder

Danni F, Self-Employed Care Worker

I spoke to Karen today with the weight of the world on my shoulders and feeling neck high in worries about what l should and shouldn't do regarding the job that I love!

We spoke for some time, towards the end of our conversation it seemed like I was talking to an old friend, but someone who made so much sense! She was so full of all the information in regards to MY situation, very helpful, insightful and with a bit of humour!

I walked away from my conversation with her realising not all "Karens" are bad & I had a smile on my face for the first time today.

Feeling Empowered now! 

Image by Jessica Lewis

Jennifer K, NDIS Provider Administration and Finance Officer

Amazing service.

Very knowledgeable. Easy to communicate with. Very transparent.

Would be lost trying to navigate the NDIS were it not for Karen.

Highly recommended.

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